Discovering Dominican Republic

The richness and diversity of a magnificent country: the holiday of a lifetime

Dominican Republic enjoys a privileged geographical position: 3 hours from New York, 4 hours from Montreal, 2 hours from Miami, the north east coast of the USA is as close as Panama, it´s a crossroads making Central and Latin American countries only a short 2-hour flight away.
Heavenly beaches, mountains, including Pico Duarte which is over 3,000 meters above sea level, rivers, cascades, rice plains, tobacco plantations … The country offers a thousand and one different facets and boasts 16 large national parks classed as nature reserves. Eco-tourism in the country is booming and Dominican Republic is attracting more and more visitors from around the world thanks to its remarkable natural vegetation.

Santo Domingo: Between history and modern times

It was the Spanish, in the days of Christopher Columbus to lay the first stone in the town of Santo Domingo and that is why it is called the “Colonial City” today, and classed as World Heritage by UNESCO. Shady parks, little streets with brightly painted houses, small shops, historical remnants … walking through this old city is an absolute charm.

Santo Domingo also has its modern side with trendy skyscrapers and ultra-modern shopping malls, an underground rail (the only one in the Caribbean), the university area …
Between history and modern times, Santo Domingo is a way of life where haut cuisine restaurants, chic bars, prestigious hotels and the biggest international luxury brands rub shoulders.

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